Door County Historical Society



Through the collaboration between the Door County Historical Society and Tweak Agency, the website upgrade successfully transformed the organization's online platform into a powerful tool for staying relevant and effectively communicating its mission in the digital age. 

The design goals for the website upgrade were multi-faceted. The aim was to create a more functional, simple, and clean design that would appeal to a wide audience. The inclusion of visual materials such as photos, live streams, and videos was vital to showcase society's work and make events accessible to those who could not attend in person. Additionally, the website aimed to provide a seamless online selling platform for merchandise and highlight the weekly and monthly programs hosted by the Door County Historical Society. The website design also paid careful attention to maintaining the organization's chosen colors, further reinforcing its identity.

The website upgrade successfully met the needs of the diverse group of individuals supporting society. By keeping some forms paper-based and implementing a simple yet effective homepage with clickable menu items, the website now caters to various preferences and ensures ease of use. Encouraging visitor engagement was a priority, exemplified by the subscription option for the events calendar, the newsletter and the prominent showcasing of upcoming events on the home page.

Project Launch: 

April 12, 2023

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