Door County Tourism Zone Commission



The Door County Tourism Zone Commission (DCTZC) is a governmental body responsible for promoting DC tourism. In order to better serve its constituents, the DCTZC implemented several new functionalities on its website, which created an increased trusted environment and availability of information to users.

Design goals
  1. A modern design that conveys the feeling of trust in the user.
  2. An easy interface for users.
  3. Access to a range of information for the different users. The website provides video and written instructions on how to fill out room tax, and support in the form of a range of frequently asked questions while making official documentation of the Commission like agendas, minutes and annual reports available to the public.
  4. Clear messaging on challenges users experience with property tax submission, and steps on how to correct it.  

The Door County Tourism Zone Commission has successfully implemented new functionality as well as a brand new, modern website, creating a more trusted environment, and making information readily available to users.

Project Launch: 

February 7, 2023

Visit the New Website