Door-Tran, a non-profit organization in Door County, partnered with Tweak Agency, Door County to revamp their outdated website. The new design focuses on enhancing the organization's online presence and creating a visually captivating and user-friendly platform. The website showcases Door-Tran's services, facilitates online donations, and engages the community. The redesign includes a scrolling picture section featuring scenic local locations, clear calls for engagement, and direct links to social media.

The collaboration resulted in a modern logo that represents Door-Tran's services, while a minimalist rack card complements the website. Overall, the redesign successfully communicates Door-Tran's mission, encourages interaction, and empowers visitors to support their valuable services.

The upgraded website for Door-Tran has surpassed expectations, offering improved visual appeal and usability. Scrolling images showcase the beauty of Door County, while the homepage prominently highlights the mission and vision of the organization. Users can easily access comprehensive details about services, download application forms, and stay connected through social media links. Featuring a call-to-action, the website invites visitors to get involved by volunteering or making online donations. The integration of PayPal simplifies the donation process, allowing supporters to contribute to Door-Tran's general operations or specific programs. Notably, the collaboration with Tweak Agency resulted in a modern and visually appealing logo that represents the breadth of Door-Tran's services with four distinct elements. The redesigned website emphasizes inclusivity, evidenced by the inclusion of Wisconsin Relay.

The successful partnership between Door-Tran and Tweak Agency has produced a visually dynamic, user-friendly website that effectively communicates the organization's mission, encourages engagement, and empowers visitors to contribute to Door-Tran's valuable services in Door County.

Project Launch: 

December 27, 2023

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