3 Ways To Get More Comments On Your Facebook Posts

November 27, 2020

In the fast-paced world of social media, it’s not easy to get people to stop and engage with your business on Facebook, especially now that organic visibility is limited for businesses because the News Feed space is now more competitive.Yet organic engagement is crucial for a Facebook page’s success because Facebook uses it as the quality signal — the more people who engage with the page, the more people will see the business’s next update on Facebook.Comments are the most effective method of Facebook engagement, thanks to the “queuing-up” psychology: more and more people feel inclined to engage when they see an already active discussion in the thread.So how do you attract more comments to your Facebook page posts and page post ads? Here are a few effective tactics to try.

#1: Post Open and Closed Questions to Spur Responses

Asking questions is the most efficient method of engaging someone, be it your blog reader or Facebook follower. Questions trigger the natural human reflex called instinctive elaboration. This reflex forces people to pause and start looking for or formulate an answer.

Use questions to get people to comment on Facebook

#2: Structure Posts to Elicit Quick Comment Replies

The best way to get people to do something is to ask. This rule works like a charm in marketing, too. If you want more comments, ask people to comment and make it easy for them! But don’t forget to make it fun and entertaining.Note though that you should only ask for authentic engagement. Facebook doesn’t like “engagement bait” and it has threatened to penalize updates that explicitly ask for likes or comments. So instead of actually asking users to comment, use the following update types to promote discussion:

  • Caption this — Post a funny picture and ask your followers to come up with funny captions.
  • Fill in the blank — Come up with a funny or edgy sentence and invite your audience to fill in the blank.
  • Multiple choice — Ask your audience to help you choose something. To illustrate, give them the power to choose your next banner or marketing creative.
Example of asking viewers to post a caption for engagement

#3: Know When your Followers are Most Active

It's hard for someone to see a piece of content online when they're asleep or at work. Because of this, scan through your social media insights to see when your audience is most active. Most social media platforms will have this data in the platform itself, but if not you can always use a tool like SocialRank or Hootsuite to get a hold of the information.To learn more about our social media services, or any of the other amazing digital services we offer, get in touch!