5 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Pinterest Page

November 27, 2020
Pinterest Pin It

Tweak Social Media & Marketing shares five reasons your business or brand should have a Pinterest Page! The Tweak Team has heard it all: "Pinterest is for women"  "Pinterest is for recipes, hair styles and weddings."  "Pinterest takes up too much of my time." So do you know what Tweak Social Media & Marketing tells our clients? Pinterest is going to help grow your business and here are five reasons why:

  1. Pinterest can reach your desired audience: 2/3 of the content saved to Pinterest come from businesses and with an ever growing audience (see "By the numbers" below) it only makes sense to have your business/brand represented on this robust digital platform
  2. Pinterest influences brand and product decisions: 87% Pinterest users have purchased a product or service because of Pinterest!
  3. Pinterest informs you of emerging trends in your industry: Pinterest can give you valuable information on the popularity of trends in your focus area so that you can "tweak" your products and promotions accordingly, staying one step ahead of the digital marketing game!
  4. Pinterest drives significant referral traffic: About 5% of all website traffic comes from Pinterest referrals!  That is an amazing statistic and just the kind of traffic result that you want your online presence to experience!
  5. Pinterest user numbers of all genders are growing: One of the most compelling statistic is that there has been a 120% increase in the number of males using Pinterest monthly in the last year!  Pinterest is NOT just for women anymore!

By the numbers:

  • There are over 100 million active users on Pinterest
  • 42% of online women use Pinterest
  • 13% of online males use Pinterest
  • 28% of online adults use Pinterest
  • Growth in male monthly Pinterest users 120%
  • 66% Pinterest users use Pinterest for inspiration
  • Average user time on Pinterest per month is 98 minutes
  • 67% Pinterest users are millenials

Tweak Social Media & Marketing specializes in growing your business/brand's digital presence and for many of our clients, this means creating and managing a Pinterest account for them.  The results are profound and our clients are grateful that they took our suggestion to grow with Pinterest.  If you would like more information on how to grow your business/brand's digital presence, including Pinterest, email us or give us a call (920) 256-0712.  We love tweaking your online potential!Reference gratitude goes to Expanded Ramblings.