5 Ways Any Business Can Use the Facebook Pixel

November 27, 2020

Let's be honest here. Facebook has been making a ton of changes recently to their algorithm. That means people are looking for new and creatives ways to use Facebook for their business. One of the best things that businesses can do is to treat Facebook like an advertising platform. That means using the Facebook pixel to your advantage. Today, I'm going to show you 5 ways any business can use the Facebook pixel.

What is the Facebook Pixel?

Use the Facebook pixel

First and foremost, you have to understand what the Facebook pixel is. In simplest terms, it's a tiny piece of code that you install on your website. This code is simply analytics that tracks people as they peruse your website. The Facebook pixel is similar to Google Analytics but the catch is, that they must be logged into their Facebook account so it can track the right data.This data allows you to create some very targeted ads and boosted posts. It allows you to target your messages to people that are already warmed up to your brand, products, or service. Using the Facebook pixel can increase your ROI dramatically on your social media marketing efforts.Setting up a Facebook pixel is generally pretty easy, but if you're unsure how to do it, a simple web search will help. Or if you'd prefer, simply contact us and we will be willing to help.

5 Ways Any Business Can Use the Facebook Pixel

Now that we have a very simple understanding of the Facebook pixel. Let's talk about how any business can use it.

1) Create a Brand Awareness Campaign

This strategy is great for any sized business that is trying to raise awareness to products or services. This is not to get people to "Buy Now". This is simply a tactic to try and reach new and potential customers. Effective awareness campaigns ads offers some free information or encourage people to learn more.When using the pixel for your brand awareness campaign, you want to make sure that you have a wide audience to pull from. Again, the whole idea here is to start generating a larger pool of potential customers so try to cast a wider net that still targets your ideal customers. As the Facebook pixel tracks data on your customers, you can then use that information to do a retargeting campaign. See point two below.[caption id="attachment_13442" align="aligncenter" width="400"]

This is a great example of a Brand Awareness ad.[/caption]

2) Retarget All Website Visitors

The real power of the Facebook pixel is the ability to re-target to people that have visited your website. This simply means that you are going to advertise or boost posts to people that have visited any portion of your website. The people that have visited your website are already aware of your product or services, so the selling process is normally easier and more effective.When creating a Facebook ad (or even a Facebook post) for your business, you offer a special discount or sale. Then you are showing that ad to people who are already know you and your business. A great strategy is to offer something free in exchange for their email address. This will increase your newsletter subscribers and make it easy to market to them in the long term.[caption id="attachment_13448" align="aligncenter" width="400"]

You can easily advertise to people that have visited your website.[/caption]

3) Retarget People that Have Looked At Specific Web Pages

If you have a high volume of traffic that is going to your website, you can use the Facebook Pixel to target people that have looked at one particular page on your website. This is normally a high ROI strategy for businesses that are selling products online. In fact, many business say that this tactic has increased sales by 80%! The reason this is so effective is because people have already spent some time looking at your products or services. They are warmed up to the thought of buying from you. They just need a little more convincing.If you're not selling products online, this can still be a good tactic. Let's say you run a restaurant. You could run a retargeting ad to people that have looked at your online menu. There were clearly thinking about getting food from you, so you could run a Happy Hour ad or a free appetizer special.[caption id="attachment_13450" align="aligncenter" width="400"]

By running ad to people that have looked at a specific page on your website, you can get high converting ads.[/caption]

4) Advertise to Your Blog Readers

If part of your overall marketing strategy is to grow your business through blogging, you can also use the pixel grow your blog following. The idea here is to encourage people to come back to your blog. Let's say you just published a new blog post. You can use the pixel to create ads that target people who have read some of your old blog posts. If they have visited your blog in the past, they are more likely to click the ad and read your new blog post.Another idea here would be to have a sign-up form on your blog post for your newsletter. The approach would be the same as above. Target people that have read your blog post and try to encourage them to read a new blog post that also encourages them to sign up for your newsletter.

5) Advertise to People Who Have Abandoned Your Shopping Cart

We purposely save this idea for last as it is the most effective. The Facebook pixel allows you to track when someone puts an item into a shopping cart on your site. If the person does not buy the product, you can advertise to them on Facebook later.To see this in action, go to Amazon and search for virtually anything. Shoes, blenders, clothing, jewelry, etc. Put a few of those items into your shopping cart and then log out of Amazon. Then go back to Facebook and you'll most likely start seeing ads for those exact products. You can do this same thing with products/services that your selling on your website.If you're not selling things online, you can also use the same approach for forms or surveys that people have started to fill out but didn't complete.[caption id="attachment_13454" align="aligncenter" width="400"]

Retargeting to people that have abandoned their shopping cart can be very effective.[/caption]And there you have it. 5 things any business can do with the Facebook Pixel. If you're selling products or services online, then you must incorporate the pixel into your Facebook marketing efforts. If you have any questions or would like help running Facebook ads, just contact us and we will be happy to assist you.