A New Leaf for Sturgeon Bay Landmark

Nelet Kok
November 18, 2022


The brief from the team at Kitty O’Reillys was short and simple: an upgrade to their existing website that offers the opportunity for visitors to browse the menu, their weekly specials and their drinks menu at ease, especially on mobile. 

The other request was to portray the character and energy of the establishment by using the DC web design. Kitty O’Reillys has long been known in the Door County area as a spot with great portion sizes, an outside area for beautiful lake days and interesting drinks to match all kinds of occasions!

Design goals: 

  1. Easy access for a visitor to find the restaurant menu, drinks menu and the weekly specials.
  2. Mobile-friendly but not boring, a DC web design that speaks to the Irish spirit.
  3. A complete contact details section containing the address, email, telephone number and map for visitors who are not familiar with the surrounding area, can use the website to find the restaurant easily.
  4. A visual taste of what to expect from the restaurant.
  5. An ‘Order Online’ button, as this is a feature recently added to the offering of the restaurant. 

The header of the website is a rotating gallery of images of the restaurant and its most famous drink. Photos of the restaurant and its dishes are spread throughout the website and the ‘Order Online’ button can be found both on the header and the Contact us page. 

Navigation links are placed on top, for popular information to be available on hand. This website is ADA-compliant, which means it is accessible to differently-abled individuals. 

Interesting tidbits:

  1. The restaurant is just over a decade old, as it was established in 2010. 
  2. As an Irish pub, Kitty’s offers 14 different draft beers from all over the world; including three Irish beers and beer from Germany, English and Mexico.
  3. This landmark started a new annual tradition by hosting a Halloween costume party. This year's event was held in aid of the Boys and Girls Club of Sturgeon Bay.
  4. Kitty O'Reillys is a landmark in Sturgeon Bay and currently boasts a whopping 1491 Google reviews. 
  5. Two mock-up sites were presented before the decision was taken to use this website layout. 

Finished Product:

'Easy as pie' comes to mind, when thinking about this DC web design: it’s functional, and uncomplicated and gives visitors a glimpse of the dishes, atmosphere and experiences that Kitty O’Reillys is known for. 

Eating with one's eyes refers to more than just creating a plate of food that looks appealing, it’s about communicating the essence of an institution, in this case, an Irish pub to the extent that visitors far and wide, old and new want to pop in. 

#TeamTweak is proud to support local businesses, like Kitty O’Reillys!