Behind the Scenes of Door County Tourism Zone Commission Website: Creating Community

Nelet Kok
February 16, 2023


The Door County Tourism Zone Commission (DCTZC) is a governmental body responsible for promoting DC tourism. In order to better serve its constituents, the DCTZC has recently implemented several new functionalities on its website, which have created an increased trusted environment and availability of information to users.

This commission is a necessary element for residents, visitors and municipal staff. The commission mentions that it is important to them to be seen as friendly, trustworthy, efficient and accessible. 

The new functionalities have created a more efficient and trustworthy environment for tourists to plan their trips and explore Door County. By providing a wealth of information and resources in one place, the DCTZC is positioning itself as a leader in DC tourism promotion and support.

Design goals 

  1. A modern design that conveys the feeling of trust in the user.
  2. Creating a trusting relationship and environment for users. 
  3. An easy interface for users. 
  4. Access to a range of information for the different users. The website provides video and written instructions on how to fill out room tax, and support in the form of a range of frequently asked questions while making official documentation of the Commission like agendas, minutes and annual reports available to the public.
  5. Clear messaging on challenges users experience with property tax submission, and steps on how to correct it.  

Interesting tidbits

  1. The website is also popularly used as a comparison of neighborhood rates for holiday rentals. The data provided by the Door County Tourism Zone Commission provides a range of rates that is on par with property rentals and can be a good indicator of what to charge, for new users. 
  2. Users, from market research, pointed to a hesitancy to fill out their banking information on the website. Thus, creating a safe and trustworthy environment online for users is vital to the Door County Tourism Zone Commission. 
  3. Users typically access the website on their mobile devices. This is a very good piece of information because even though all Tweak websites are designed mobile-first, it does help us understand and craft the website around users.
  4. Future education is very important to the Commission: to educate, inform and support users continuously and to offer up-to-date data and news to users. 

Final Product

In conclusion, the Door County Tourism Zone Commission has successfully implemented new functionality as well as a brand new, modern website, creating a more trusted environment, and making information readily available to users. 

The new functionality has provided users with an easier way to navigate the website and access the information they need. The creation of a safe and protected environment has instilled confidence in users, ensuring that they can trust the information provided by the commission. The availability of information provides users with a more comprehensive guide to submitting monthly room taxes in a safe, organized and efficient manner. These improvements have had a positive impact on the overall user experience and have helped to promote DC tourism.