Building Digital Marketing for In-Home Care

Nelet Kok
December 13, 2022


As a DC web design and marketing agency, one of the things we do really well is to use our experience of working with and living in Northeast Wisconsin to help businesses succeed. This month's case study is about the home care service working throughout the Midwest called Jay's Legacy Home Care. They say women hold up half the sky - in this case, the women of Jay's Legacy are the force. What a privilege for Tweak Agency to work with this team!
The ultimate goal for Jay's Legacy was to grow the business while making the wealth of information available in a simple, friendly and easy-to-find manner.

Design goals

Due to the sensitive subject matter of Jay's Legacy service, website visitors must be put at ease while searching for information. Many times, by the time Jay's Legacy is contacted the individuals are overwhelmed and tired. It also happens that people are scared to ask for help - thus the DC web design and supporting marketing initiatives should be friendly, open and inviting. 

Exit modal

We want the website to look and feel homey, safe and welcoming. The content should be easy-to-follow, straightforward and jargon-free. We also wanted to make sure the website was responsive for different devices such as tablets and phones - Tweak Agency takes great pride in making sure our clients have a website design that looks good and is accessible.

Interesting tidbits

  1. With this type of service provider the group who uses the service vs the group who enquires about the service - is not the same. This means the marketing should speak to a variety of groups, offering the same information, in different ways.
  2. Jay's Legacy origin is inspired by the owner Renee's late father.
  3. This service is available throughout four major counties in the midwest: Brown, Door, Manitowoc and Kewaunee counties.
  4. Although this service can be seen as a rather depressing subject, it was important for Jay's Legacy to portray the service as a provider of hope, support and encouragement.
  5. All Jay's Legacy staff  have a background in caring: whether directly or indirectly. Renee, the owner, boasts nearly three decades of caring-related environments.

Finished Product

The website color scheme is a friendly color purple. It was important for the team at Jay's to make information available simply and easily, even when individuals aren't ready to contact them yet. The home page holds a Frequently Asked Questions tab as well as a Services tab, and an exit module offers the opportunity for individuals to ask for additional material to guide and support them during this process. 

Finally, Tweak Agency set up a Google Ads campaign which targets individuals living in Brown, Door, Manitowoc and Kewaunee counties as well as those whose loved ones live in the area. Tweak Agency also created a lead magnet to keep leads warm before ultimately converting them into customers.

Working with Jay's Legacy team proved a wonderful insight into the world of in-home care. We were able to create a website that is welcoming, and informative and leaves the user feeling heard and taken care of. Tweak Agency was also able to capture the local DC web design appeal while keeping it professional which reflects the core values of Jay's Legacy Home Care: compassion, kindness and respect.