Customer Service is KING of our Jungle …

November 27, 2020

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Martha Beller

Martha Beller
Owner/Marketing Queen[/caption]As a small business owner, I am constantly redefining my role within my company and always trying (ALWAYS) to focus on awesome customer service. I try to instill in each of Tweak’s staff members the belief, each and every day, that each Tweak client is doing the best they can to run and promote their business. If they’re a bit scattered sometimes or a little bit crabby, no matter. They are giving it their best shot and it’s Tweak’s job to use our strengths and creativity to meet their marketing goals and as much as possible, achieve bigger and better results for their marketing dollars.I know this is a severe case of positivity – (and this wouldn’t be the first time I’d been accused of this) but I think the happier I can make my Tweak staffers, the more likely it will be for them to be happy in their work and the more we can exceed our customers’ expectations … and THAT makes EVERYONE happier.My high customer service standards have come, I expect, from years in the service industry, and because I also believe great customer service is the measure of the firm. While not every customer deserves our undying loyalty, each deserves a measure of respect as a person and as much of our team’s understanding, effort and support as possible in everything we do. That’s always and forever taking the high road. By doing that, there’s no confusion. We always know which way to go.Why do I believe customer service is the measure of the firm? That’s simple. It’s because when we enter into a contract together, an unspoken piece of that agreement is that we stand behind the product we’re providing. It’s been my experience the tougher the customer service issue is, the more I’ve learned, and the more I’ve learned, the more satisfying achieving a mutually agreeable outcome becomes. Whether it’s social media, designing and building websites, doing a graphic design project for you, each task is backed up by our commitment to excellence. We are, after all, good people who do great work.Finally, I believe in always setting the best example for others both in business and personally, and keeping those good vibrations flowing. Sometimes just a smile can brighten someone’s whole day. A Tweak Mantra: By constantly striving to do better work, by remaining curious and by constantly improving the quality of our service, great things come.How’s that for positivity?