Driving Change: The Story of Door-Tran's Website Upgrade

Nelet Kok
January 23, 2024


Door-Tran, a non-profit organization providing transportation services in Door County, embarked on a website redesign project to enhance their online presence, with Tweak Agency, a Door County local business. Dissatisfied with their outdated and static website, Door-Tran aimed to create an upgraded website that is visually appealing and a user-friendly platform to showcase their services, engage the community, and facilitate online donations.

This case study highlights the design goals, interesting aspects of the project, and the final product that reflects Door-Tran's mission and vision.

Design Goals

  1. Visual Appeal: The old website lacked visual interest, so the new design prioritized captivating visuals, featuring a scrolling picture section showcasing scenic locations within Door County. The goal was to represent the diverse areas accessible through Door-Tran's transportation services.
  2. Engaging Content: Door-Tran wanted their mission and vision statements to be easily visible at the top of the homepage to share who they are and what they do. The website contains clear calls for engagement, and shares contact information in the footer to encourage visitors to connect with the organization.
  3. Modern Branding: The previous logo no longer represented Door-Tran's full range of services. The design team collaborated closely with the Tweak Agency team, to create a new logo that captured their identity and values.
  4. Connecting with the community: as a non-profit, an important objective for the Door-Tran team was to facilitate engagement with the community,using their website. This means creating the opportunity for community members to support the organization. Direct links on their homepage allows for easy access to their Youtube and Facebook accounts as well as subscription to their newsletter. Additionally, direct online donations and volunteer information is available on the home page. 

Interesting Titbits

  • A means to directly donate was set up using PayPal: which makes it easier for supporters to directly get involved with the organization. Community members can donate to the organization or towards a specific program.

  • Design Iterations: The four elements seen in the logo represents the four elements to the service that Door-Tran offers the community: 
    The hands reflect their dedication to assisting the community. 
    The inclusion of a wheel signifies their efforts to make transportation more accessible and affordable through travel and gas vouchers, as well as volunteer-driven rides. 
    While the image of a car hood represents their provision of financial aid in the form of vehicle repair loans. 
    Lastly, the heart adorned with "Door County" emphasizes their commitment to extending these resources to the entire county.

  • Minimalist Rack Card: Alongside the website, Door-Tran created a new rack card to promote their services offline. The minimalist design, incorporating circular elements that echo the logo, effectively showcases key information while maintaining a visually consistent identity.
  • Wisconsin Relay: The rack card highlights Wisconsin Relay, a service catered to individuals who are blind or visually impaired. The inclusion of this service demonstrates Door-Tran's commitment to accessibility and accommodating diverse user needs.

Finished Product

The newly developed website achieved Door-Tran's goals and exceeded expectations. It offers enhanced visual appeal, captivating visitors with scrolling images that showcase Door County's beauty. The homepage prominently presents the organization's mission, vision, and links to additional information. Users can easily access comprehensive details on services, including downloadable application forms.

To increase engagement, the website features prominent links to social media platforms, inviting visitors to stay up-to-date with Door-Tran's activities and read newsletters. A call-to-action prompts visitors to get involved by volunteering or making online donations. The integration of PayPal simplifies the donation process, allowing supporters to contribute to Door-Tran's general operations or select specific programs they are passionate about.

One of the project's highlights is the redesigned logo, a result of collaboration between Door-Tran and the Tweak Agency design team. The new logo captures the organization's breadth of services in a modern and visually appealing manner.

The inclusivity-focused approach is evident in the inclusion of Wisconsin Relay, providing assistance to individuals who are blind or visually impaired. To accommodate offline promotion, Door-Tran also created a sleek rack card that incorporates the new logo, circular design elements, and concise information that entices the reader to visit the website through the included QR code.

The successful collaboration between Door-Tran and the Tweak Agency team has created a visually dynamic and user-friendly website that effectively communicates the organization's mission, encourages engagement, and empowers visitors to contribute to Door-Tran's valuable services in Door County.

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