Exit Modal Popups: What It Is, What You Need To Know And Best Practices

Nelet Kok
September 1, 2022

Exit modal popups are a key component of any solid conversion rate optimization campaign. By utilizing a popover that appears at the very moment a visitor makes a move to close the page, they will instantly see why they should stay. In this blog, #TeamTweak, a DC web design and marketing company, will look at what exit modal popups are, why you should care and how to use them properly.

What is an Exit Popup?

An exit popup is a translucent popup screen, that is pop-ups on the users' screen. It is activated when a website visitor attempts to leave the website. This very handy marketing tool is used as a retention element, to keep visitors on the website for longer. 

This is very useful if you get visitors to your website, but they don’t stick around for long. 

What is it used for?

  • Introducing a new product or service: if you’ve just launched a new product or service, tell people about it! It is estimated that a popup can contribute to a conversion rate of between 3% and 10%. 
  • Marketing an event: invitations for a launch, event or webinar is ideal for an exit modal popup. 
  • Make visitors feel special: offering a special discount code or insider info on an exit popup makes visitors feel special and is more likely to keep visitors on the website for longer. 
  • Promote other content or pages on your website: sharing a new blog, exhibition or partner - share it in an exit popup. This creates the opportunity for visitors to engage with the content, instead of hoping they wander to another part of the site. 
  • Onboarding or subscribing to a newsletter: encouraging visitors to fill out a name and email address, to become part of a community.
  • Upselling: once a visitor is logged in, an exit modal can be used to upsell their current engagement or subscription. 

Best Practices?

  • Don’t overuse exit popups: these are not set in stone and can be updated with seasons, specials, launches or events. 
  • An exit popup should be visible on the page the user was on, not redirected to a separate page. 
  • Include the following elements in an exit popup:
  • A header: the purpose of the modal
  • The body: keep it short and sweet! 2-3 seconds to engage is sufficient. 
  • Graphics/image: this can be your logo or a supporting image or graphic. 
  • A call to action: use words that spur visitors to action. 
  • X button: exiting the popup is not what we aim for, but it should be available for visitors to opt-out. 
  • Translucent background: this popup is just an overlay on the screen the user was on before. 

Last words?

An exit modal popup is not a quick fix, but rather a last resort. It should be a tool added to your arsenal of marketing tasks, or to put the most attractive element front and center where they are. An overall strategy of content, DC web design and consistency is a better approach. 

A solid conversion rate optimization campaign is essential for all businesses looking to achieve high ROI on their marketing efforts. One of the key components to any successful conversion rate optimization campaign is the use of exit modal popups. An exit modal popup is a type of pop-up that appears when a visitor is about to leave the page they are viewing. Exit popups are a proven tactic for increasing conversions, and should be included in any conversion rate optimization strategy. 

#TeamTweak, a DC web design and marketing company, has used this tool many times and it’s always a hit with our customers! If you would like to learn more about why exit modal popups are such an effective tool for conversion rate optimization and how to properly create them, please contact us here.