Five Steps To Help Non-Profits Get More Donations

Nelet Kok
July 18, 2022

Nonprofits work very differently from the rest of the business community. #TeamTweak, a DC web design and marketing agency, has worked with many NPO's, as a Wisconsin marketing agency, and we can attest to this. They are reliant on donations from individuals or businesses to raise the funds needed to continue the work they’re doing. Revenue is something that is needed by all individuals, businesses and organizations to keep providing a service or to make ends meet. This means that regardless of the stage of your organization, you need to ensure that you have a steady stream of revenue coming in. 

ABBA hit the nail on the head with these lyrics:

“​​All the things I could do

If I had a little money”

There are lots of different ways that you can generate revenue and this article will focus on the easiest ways to implement for a non-profit organization to earn revenue.

  1. Set up an online donations page: a rather obvious, but very important step. Making it as simple as possible to receive donations is key. Linking the page to your nonprofit organization website and your social media accounts gives it more visibility. 

Tweak Agency, a DC web design and marketing agency, proposes a couple of tools that can make this easy:

  • Setting up a PayPal account, and linking it to your website. A good example of this is the Wisconsin tourism initiative Door County Coastal Byways, which put a link to their donation page on the home page of their website. 
  • A QR code on your website that is linked to a donation page, means donations are made using a cellphone! This QR code can also be used on printed marketing material, or in the window of your building. 
  • Setting up a crowdfunding page with a company like GoFundMe can be used to raise money for special events. The benefits of a GoFundMe page are the support that comes with the page: tech support, customer service and advice on how to get the pages seen. 

2. When your online donations page is ready, enable recurring donations. Recurring donations are the same as subscriptions. In these cases, money will be automatically deducted from the donors bank accounts at these intervals.

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually 

3. Set up a donate button on social media. Research has shown that the average internet user spends nearly 2.5hrs on social media, daily. This means you’re reaching your target audience where they are at - online. 

4. Building relationships is another key factor. Asking for donations is hard, however, being part of a non-profit organization means you care! Share the story about why you care, this will be an authentic approach (not a sales pitch) which leads to a connection, and the start of a relationship. 

5. Keeping donors informed is important to keep a bridge of communication open to promote transparency, accountability and trust throughout the donor/s and the organization. Services like MailChimp or MailerLite make it extremely easy for nonprofits to create newsletters or emails to be sent out on a scheduled basis with which they can announce the latest progress, upcoming events or other newsworthy items.

Whatever you’re fundraising for, having an accessible donation page on your nonprofit website is key. An accessible donation page will ensure that you have an easy, seamless way for your donors to support the cause. 

If you’re a nonprofit organization looking to highlight your request for donations, Tweak Agency, a DC web design and marketing agency, can help! We will get you set up with the technical logistics of adding a ‘Donate Now’ button and a special page. To chat about all the possibilities, just shoot us a message or schedule a quick consult: