Full-on Facebook: 14 Tips for Maximizing Facebook for Your Business

November 27, 2020
Tips for maximizing your Facebook Business page

Like a Yellow Pages ad once upon a time, having a Facebook page for your business these days is almost a given. To knowingly miss out on the exposure to the more than one billion users logging into the still-dominant social network every day defies common sense.But there’s much more to marketing your business on Facebook than simply setting up camp and hoping those billion users happen to find you. You have to understand how to use facebook for your business. In order to attract more visitors, turn them into leads and convert those leads into actual sales, be sure to pay attention to these 14 tips for maximizing your ROI on Facebook.

1) Build a Business Page: A business page on Facebook is different from the personal profile that you may be used to seeing on the site. Setting up a business page will give fans the opportunity to like your page and see updates from your business in their news feed.

Tips for maximizing your Facebook Business page

2) Claim Your Vanity URL: What’s in a name? Quite a bit, actually, when it comes to your Facebook business page. Why? Because the URL that Facebook will assign your new page is simply a random number, which is neither memorable nor easy to share. Make it easier for visitors to find your page with a recognizable vanity URL. For example, here's our vanity URL: https://www.facebook.com/TweakSocialMedia

3) Add a Compelling Cover Photo: Nowhere is the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” more applicable than the web, where vibrant visuals consistently draw more attention than copious copy. So grab those eyeballs early with a cover photo that makes your Facebook business page stand out and encourages visitors to see what the business behind that striking photo has to say.

Tips for maximizing your Facebook Business page

As you can see from GoPro's Fan Page, they have their profile picture as their logo and then a very compelling image for the cover photo. Try to think of an interesting and unique photo that will catch your reader's eye. If you're a restaurant, use professional photos of some popular dish you serve. If you sell goods, how about some beautiful product shots? The ideas are endless. Have fun and don't be afraid to change the image every month or so.

4) Create a Call-to-Action Button: Your well-crafted copy will certainly point visitors toward an opportunity to sign up for a newsletter, get in contact with you or take some other step to advance the conversation, but a call-to-action button right on your business home page puts this enticement front and center – just to the left of the Like button, to be precise. Facebook provides a choice of seven pre-made button options, depending on the specific action you want the visitor to take.

Bonus tip: While setting up the call-to-action button couldn’t be easier (just follow the steps on Facebook), be sure to give some thought to where you want that button to take your visitors – whether it’s a contact page or a current promotion, the landing page should be chosen to maximize the potential of these interested visitors.

Tips for maximizing your Facebook Business page

Spotify wants to encourage their fans to use the app and listen to music, so it only makes perfect sense to include a "Use App" call-to-action button. Facebook gives plenty of different options for the call-to-action buttons. All you have to do is log into your page and then hover over the current CTA button. Once you click it, you'll be presented with several different options.

Tips for maximizing your Facebook Business page

5) Quality Counts: While there are few bigger wasted opportunities than the promise of a new Facebook page that quickly loses its vibrancy and appeal due to lackadaisical updating, it’s important to note that the quality of your updates is just as important as the frequency. In order to truly maximize the impact of your business’ presence on Facebook, your content needs to be relevant, interesting, well-written and targeted to the kinds of visitors you want to attract. Keep it current, yes, but don’t mistake frequent posting for success.

6) Timing Counts: Pay attention to general guidelines and statistics for the best times to post to Facebook, but be sure to consider your specific audience as well. In general, the data suggests the following:

  • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons, and weekends around lunchtime, are the times that seem to draw the most traffic
  • Engagement rates spike on Thursdays and Fridays
  • Weekend mornings and nights see considerably fewer click-throughs

Again, while these guidelines are definitely worth keeping in mind, the more important behavior is that of your specific audience. If you’re consistently seeing solid traffic on Sunday mornings, then go right ahead and cater to those early birds.

7) Bring the Best of Your Blog: Having a Facebook page for your business won’t mean much if visitors aren’t finding good relevant content when they stop by. But feeding the content beast can be a difficult task to keep up with. So if you keep a business blog, be sure to maximize your efforts by repurposing some of the best content from that blog for your Facebook page as well.

8) Mind Your Metas in the Blog-o-sphere: A meta description is the brief synopsis that search engines pull in order to preview what a page is about. Facebook does the same for new posts, which means that before visitors ever even get to your page, they’ll have seen the meta description and probably made a determination as to whether it’s worth clicking through. In other words, your meta description is extremely important. So be sure to make a good first impression and sell your visitors on a great experience with a brief (around 150 characters, with spaces) and compelling meta description.

Tips for maximizing your Facebook Business page

9) Lose the Links: It’s easy to link to various items and places from your Facebook page without actually including the long, spelled-out URL right in your copy. This is more of a housekeeping issue, but it’s the kind of nicety that can enhance the visitor’s experience on your page.

Tips for maximizing your Facebook Business page

10) Photos, Part II: You don’t need to ponder the data that says Facebook posts with images enjoy 2.3x more engagement than posts without images to realize this simple internet truism – people like pictures. Observe any group browsing Facebook on their phones, for instance, and chances are you’re a lot more likely to find them checking out photos rather than reading through blocks of copy. So don’t forget to make relevant and compelling photos – of your business or your products or the things you’re writing about – a key part of your Facebook content strategy. As a bonus, those photos will help to start filling up the “Photos” tab on your site.

11) Videos (see above): If there’s one thing that people seem to love on the internet more than photos, it’s videos. And with more than eight billion video views every day, Facebook is more and more where they’re coming to watch them. As you may be starting to notice, between copy, photos and video, the need to provide updated content for your Facebook business page can be a full-time job in itself. So it can be easy to dismiss a time-consuming component like video production in favor of something quicker and easier, but pay attention to the trends – video is where things are heading, so it’s worth making the effort.

Tips for maximizing your Facebook Business page

Bonus Tip: videos on Facebook auto play in the news feed. This is important because moving visuals catch the eye. This means your video will get greater engagement over a still photo.

12) Monitor, Analyze, and Tweak: Getting your Facebook page up and running is really only half the job. In addition to maintaining your page and consistently adding new relevant content, you’ll also want to see how things are going with Facebook Insights, the site’s internal analytics tool. Which of your posts are working and why? That video you added took a lot of work – how was it received? Your Facebook page should not be static – keeping abreast of the data will help you know which changes to make.

13) Schedule Your Posts: Whether you use an automated social media scheduling app or an old-school spreadsheet, planning out your Facebook posts is a good way to avoid scrambling around for content or, worse, ending up with a page that is rarely updated. The good news? Once your page starts to receive regular traffic and your visitors start engaging with you, the type of content you need will start to become much more apparent.

14) Spread the Social Media Love: Help your social marketing strategy become more interconnected by adding Facebook social media buttons – including Follow, Like and Share – to your website to create a more fluid conduit between your regular site and your Facebook page. Plus, the more your web visitors share your content, the greater return you'll get on your overall marketing efforts!Phew! We know that social media marketing can be exhausting, especially when you're trying to figure out how to grow your Facebook page. And we have only touched on using Facebook, the social media juggernaut.