Holiday Gift Ideas for Techies

November 27, 2020

Parents, siblings and relatives can be so hard to shop for. Here’s usually how it goes every year for me: “Hey, what do you want this year?” Family: “Oh, maybe another flannel sweater or pajamas.” Here are a couple creative gift ideas, especially for your techie friends and family.

Mike’s holiday tech gift ideas

  • Know someone looking to change the mood at home with the push of a button? How about getting them a smart led light? An app lets you change colors and brightness with your smartphone.
  • How about extending the range of the camera on your cell phone? Check out a mobile phone camera lens kit.
  • Drones have become a popular toy. Get one that shoots high-def video and have some fun. Just don’t go flying it over your neighbor’s house, it’s liable to get shot down. (Keep watching for licensing regulations in Wisconsin)
  • Have a grilling aficionado on your list and money's no object? How about a smart grill! Never forget to flip your food again while grilling.
  • Going camping or heading to the beach and love to listen to music? Take your tunes with and don’t worry about the water or sand. Portable speakers remain popular and some are water-resistant.