How to Grow Your Facebook Page

November 27, 2020
Grow Your Facebook Page

Every business or brand on Facebook is on Facebook for one reason... to get more business. That said, getting more business from your Facebook Page means different things to different types of businesses. Tweak Social Media & Marketing takes great pride in helping businesses understand exactly how to use Facebook to best promote their business/brand all while growing your Facebook page.

The Tweak Team has put together an e-book called "How to Attract Customers with Facebook" and this helpful guide can be yours by simply clicking here. In this post, we'd like to share a few tips that can really make a huge difference in your business/brand's Facebook presence!

4 Examples of How to Grow Your Facebook Page:

  1. Build Your Facebook Audience:  There are a few simple suggestions that can really help you to build your audience.  First, add a Facebook Like button or Box to your website. People who visit your website are very likely to become fans of your Facebook page so you want to make it as easy for them to "Like" your Page as possible and incorporating a "Like" button into your website is brilliant and easy!
  2. Properly Fill Out Your Facebook Page Business Profile Info: Make sure that your About Page includes an overview of what your business/brand offers to your audience, a link to your website and any other important information that your audience may be looking for.
  3. Connect Profiles with Your Facebook Page: This simple step will allow your personal Facebook friends to see your connection to YOUR business/brand, increasing the likelihood that they will "Like" your Page.
  4. Invite Existing Contacts to Like Your Page: Sometimes we feel uncomfortable asking our friends to "Like" our business/brand Page but, in reality, most of our friends want to support us and our business efforts and welcome the chance to keep up with what your business/brand is doing.  Inviting your friends will allow the possibility of having THEIR friends see and perhaps "Like" your Page as well...and so on, and so on....

These are just a few examples of how to grow your Facebook page.Tweak Social Media & Marketing is here to help you with your inbound marketing needs.  The Tweak Team is made up of experts in the fields of marketing, graphic arts, web development, photography and account management and we all love working with our clients.  Let us help you grow your business/brand in the digital world!