How to Grow Your Facebook Page By Building a Bridge

November 27, 2020
Facebook for business

Increase Your Potential Likeability by Connecting Your Personal and Business Facebook Profiles

Nothing increases your chances of success on Facebook more than attracting more visitors and understanding how to grow your Facebook page. A great way to bring more people onto your business page is to build a bridge from your personal Facebook page. When your personal visitors and friends see the link to your business page, chances are they’ll stop by for look – and hopefully a like! This simple process – which is demonstrated in the video below – involves just a handful of steps:

  1. Click your name in the top right corner of any Facebook page
  2. Once on your personal timeline, click the About link below your picture
  3. Click the Education and Work button
  4. Type the name of your business page in the Employer box
  5. When your page comes up, fill in your position and all other relevant information
  6. Click the Add Job button
  7. Click the done editing button

It’s as simple as that. Will this automatically generate likes for your business page? Not necessarily, but it’s such a quick, simple and straightforward thing to do that there’s really no good reason to not give it a try.