How to Grow Your Facebook Page With a "Like" Box

November 27, 2020

Every business/brand on Facebook is on Facebook for one reason... to get more business. That said, getting more business from your Facebook Page means different things to different types of businesses. Tweak Social Media & Marketing takes great pride in helping businesses understand exactly how to use Facebook to best promot their business/brand.In this post, we'd like to share a tip that can really make a huge difference in your business/brand's Facebook presence!

How to Grow Your Facebook Page

Here is a really simple suggestion that can really help you to build your audience. Add a Facebook Like button or Box to your website. People who visit your website are very likely to become fans of your Facebook Page. You want to make it as easy for them to "Like" your Facebook Page as possible.  By incorporating a Facebook Like Box into your website you make it convenient and simple to start engaging with you on Facebook! We have added a short video that explains how you can quickly and easily add a Facebook Like Box to your site in just a few steps.

This is just one of our tips for you to use as you learn how to attract more customers with Facebook.