How to Grow Your Facebook Page with the Perfect Business Profile

November 27, 2020
How to Grow Your Facebook Page

Who Are You? How to Create a Business Profile on Facebook

If you're like most business owners, you're probably struggling with how to grow your Facebook page... And the more time and effort you put into your social media efforts, the more and more visitors are stopping by to check out your Facebook page. Success, right? Well, let’s call it partial success. Attracting visitors is one thing – getting them to stick around to learn more about who you are and what you do is another.

Your Facebook About page is where you’ll help fill in some of those gaps – this is where visitors will go to get an overview of who you are. You’ll start by selecting a category for your business from among six possible options, most likely Local Business or Place, and further drill down into the business category that best describes what you do. You’ll also provide your address and phone number.From there, make your first impression on visitors with the following key pieces of information:About your page: In this 155-character description, you’ll have just a sentence or two to tell who you are and what you do. Make those characters count – this description will be right up top! URL: This is where you’ll provide a link to your website.

Facebook URL: Once your page has at least 25 fans, you should be able to set up a vanity Facebook URL ( – just one more way to stand out and get more people to find and connect with you.

Profile picture: The photo you select here, which should be at least 180 pixels tall by 180 pixels wide, will be your icon every time you publish in a news feed or comment on a post. Choose wisely! Just like that, visitors will have a better idea of who you are, and you can get down to the important business of trying to engage them.