New Routes for Door County Coastal Byway, with Tweak Agency

Nelet Kok
July 12, 2022

New Routes for Door County Coastal Byway, with Tweak Agency

For the Door County Coastal Byway initiative, 2022 is a fantastic year! Not only did this non-profit organization achieve national recognition as part of America’s Byways project, but its new website was also launched in celebration of this achievement. 

America’s byways project is an umbrella term for areas that offer one or more of these qualities; archaeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational, and scenic. It is recognized by the Federal Department of Transportation to provide recognition to the beautiful landscapes the US holds and to encourage DC tourism to these spots. 

The Door County Coastal Byway initiative started in 2009 with eight municipalities and Door county working to establish a State of Wisconsin Scenic Byway. The process required a ten-year plan and support from everyone - committee members, local organizations and citizens. 

And, the rest, as they say, is history. 

This exquisite landscape runs on Highway 42-57 and covers a 66-mile journey along the Niagara Escarpment to the shores of Lake Michigan, including Green Bay. The initiative achieved State Scenic Byway recognition in its early days and was awarded National recognition in late 2021. 

As a team effort from local government, individuals, local conservation organizations and partnering organizations - this is a big achievement. 

Tweak Agency was asked to give the existing website a facelift, to make info about the features of the Byway easily accessible and searchable. 

Other aims were: 

  1. A mobile-friendly site
  2. Modern fresh design 
  3. Displaying the status of America’s byway alongside the State Scenic Byway recognition. 
  4. Presenting partner and sponsorship logos as a thank you to the community. 

Team Tweak jumped in, the opportunity to work for local initiatives and organizations is always exciting! Door county is home to a variety of landscapes, attractions and events and hosts loads of tourists, annually. The website needed to appeal to families with young kids, millennials, newly married couples, retirees and sports enthusiasts. 

Due to a large number of features available in the region, the process of making the 80 features available was a big task. The decision was taken to categorize the features into Municipalities and Activity type. The features were given a heading called Explore our Byway, so it’s easy to find on the home page. 

Each feature opens up as a pop-up, containing a trail map (where needed), info on whether it’s pet friendly and the toilet amenities available together with directions that can be sent directly to your phone. The features website is also in the pop-up. 

This gives potential visitors all the info needed to plan their trip. 

A total of 12 kiosks are available along the DC tourism route. The website shows a searchable, interactive map of the entire county. Features downloadable guides on all the unique attractions in addition to reports for seasonal events and sporting opportunities. 

Another feature is the button on the header to encourage visitors to support the DC tourism initiative. By placing a button on the header, that is linked to PayPal, donations can be made easily and simply. 

To further encourage tourism, an Events heading is linked to the Destination Door County website that contains a full list of events. 

The eight municipalities: The Village of Egg harbor, Town of Bailey’s Harbor, Town of Liberty Grove, Village of Ephraim, Town of Gibraltar, Town of Jacksonport, Village of Sister Bay and the Town of Sevastopol, are all listed for further cooperation within the community

Team Tweak loved working on this website! Finding innovative solutions to create a searchable database to showcase the wonders of the Door County Coastal Byway, was very rewarding. We can say that we’re happy to be part of this community and that your time on the Door County Coastal Byway will not be wasted!