OpenELIS Case Study

Nelet Kok
August 8, 2022


OpenELIS, an existing Tweak Agency client, is a non-profit organization (NPO) that makes use of open source technology to provide enterprise-level laboratory information systems worldwide - this means making laboratory software available to support public healthcare systems, where it’s needed the most!

OpenELIS, armed with a new logo and loads of inspiration met with Liz & Miranda. Their wishlist ranged from updated colors for the website to a new Facebook page, social media integration and call-to-action buttons. Their aim was to give their brand an update while incorporating the elements into other marketing materials, such as social media posts and brochures. OpenELIS, as an established company, came to Tweak prepared: they had specific ideas in mind for elements to be included in the DC web design, and references for brochure designs. For this project, it was decided to make use of a lite strategy session to discuss goals, challenges and ideas. 

The brief: creating a fun color scheme to compliment the logo which can be used on different marketing materials for OpenELIS. 

The challenge: science, discovery and technology does not have to be boring! Creating a fresh DC web design, that speaks to this fascinating field, is imperative. In addition to maintaining the integrity and the brand identity of the organization.

Design goals: 

  1. Create an eye-catching fun color scheme to match the new logo colors. 
  2. Create a sense of visual movement on the website by making use of video editing in the hero image and by making use of a technique called a parallax image effect, further down the home page. Incorporated featured images on internal pages for a more welcoming feel.
  3. An ‘Access demo online’ call to action is a primary feature on the website. 
  4. Engagement with the software by using photos of the software viewed throughout the website. 
  5. Valuable contributions, like blogs and forums, are categorized accordingly to promote SEO engagement and to provide the audience with current and updated information on OpenELIS projects, and updates.

Interesting tidbits:

  • A parallax image means the background image moves at a different pace than the foreground. It can be used for text laid over a hero image, to create a sense of movement. 
  • The project took 8 weeks to complete. 
  • This project took a dive into digital media like the website, social media and email marketing as well as more traditional media elements like brochures to provide a complete package of elements, all branded for consistency and maximum brand exposure. 

Finished Product:

A state-of-the-art website that makes use of current trends to support this initiative. While promoting interaction with their software and the environments it supports. A comprehensive package that includes DC web design, new social media pages, social media post templates, elements for email marketing and a tri-fold brochure was briefed. To compliment this, additional graphic elements were designed that can be used in a variety of ways. 

Our takeaway from this is: science is bold!