The Difference Between Social Media Marketing And Digital Marketing

Nelet Kok
September 12, 2022

Social media is everywhere and it's no wonder why. It gives businesses a platform to reach out your audience in a very personal way. Digital and social media marketing are closely related, but each contributes in a unique way to the overall marketing of a business. #TeamTweak, from top web design company in the US, compiled this blog. It will look at the difference between social media marketing and digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing

This is a marketing effort focused on social media channels. Sounds simple, right? The world of social media marketing has exploded over the past couple of years and currently boasts an extraordinary amount of social media channels that you can engage with. 

The most commonly used social media channels are:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • WeChat 
  • TikTok

Typically social media marketing involves creating and posting content to engage with your target audience (followers), gain new followers and built a personable relationship with your audience. 

All of this seems great if you see the audiences and world of opportunities these platforms hold for small businesses. Keep in mind that the average daily time spent on social media is 2 hours and 29 minutes and more than half the world (59%) now uses social media.

Where you place your business is driven by who you’d like to reach (target audience) and who your audience is (actual). Different platforms appeal to different ages and thus placing your business on TikTok when you’re appealing to retirees - isn’t the best idea. 

Also keep in mind what you’re comfortable with: photos, videos, written content, quirky short one-liners. You can always change as the business grows, but feeling comfortable with the platform you choose is key: as it’s ultimately a reflection of your brand. 

#TweakTip: choose one or two social media channels to engage with and do it well! Having a profile on eight platforms, but none updated doesn’t reflect well on the business and the brand. 
e.g. Imagine managing social media channels for the DC tourism sector. It would be preferable to have 2 social media channels regularly updated with events in a busy DC tourism area, than not being able to satisfy the needs of all of those who wish to visit DC tourism zones.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for several different ways to market using digital avenues. This strategy makes use of a variety of ways to increase sales and profits, create brand awareness and customer trust, create value, and much more. 

It may include:

  • website marketing, 
  • email marketing, 
  • online advertising, 
  • mobile advertising, 
  • SEO optimization, 
  • content marketing, 
  • affiliate marketing, 
  • social media partnerships and, 
  • paid social media advertising. 

Again, this is a wide wide pond in which you can align your marketing with where your audience is at. You do not need to engage with all of it! 

However, what you need to do is have a clear picture of who your audience is: their age, lifestyle, hobbies, income and interests. This will give you a clear path to aligning platforms and services to best engage with them. 

#TweakTip: having a business website gives the business credibility.

Social media and digital marketing are closely related, but each contributes in a unique way to the overall marketing of a business. Marketing is still a very important part of any business's success, and companies are always looking for ways to promote their products or services. Companies are now turning toward digital marketing in addition to traditional marketing strategies to ensure that their brand stays relevant within the digital age.

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