Tweak Agency's Gifting Ideas For People Who Have Everything

Nelet Kok
December 8, 2022

Running out of ideas for what to gift people who have everything?
If you know someone who has everything, Tweak Agency in Wisconsin can help! In this blog, Tweak Agency offers three great, out-of-the-box gift ideas to put you on the right track for gifting this festive season.

  1. An experience

Whisky tasting, coffee pairing, skydiving, belly dancing: you get the idea. Many times we remember the experiences long afterwards and the people who participated in them. Things come and go, but experiences to a large part fill us as humans. It helps us be brave, and bold and be ourselves in a world that always demands something from us. It also gives individuals the much-needed time out to be, breathe and unwind.

  1. A voucher for...
  • Home-made meal with a decadent dessert
    Any busy mom will love this! Also, include disposable crockery and cutlery in the gift. It's one less meal mom needs to plan for, cook and clean up. She'll be able to pay more attention to her family and kids, instead of slaving away in the kitchen making a home-cooked meal.
  • Babysitting
    The keyword with this is with a trusted and loving individual! They don’t need to be a professional babysitter, just someone the parents trust and love. This will give them some time away from their kids to enjoy dinner, catch up with friends or just have some alone time.
  • A home cleaning service
    This is a gift that keeps on giving! A home cleaning service can be booked any number of times and makes a great gift. It might even become a habit – the gift that does keep on giving. It takes one thing off the to-do list!
  1. Something they'd never buy for themselves

I once got a Nespresso coffee machine for Christmas. I was elated, I'm a coffee lover and it's been on my wish list for one day when I'm an adult (in my mind adulthood equals great coffee). It's a big gift and not something I'd ever get for myself. I still cherish it and remember my friend every time I make coffee. If the purchase is not within your budget, giving a gift voucher to the store towards the item is just as valuable, it's often the first step in them finally buying the item for themselves. It also shows you've paid attention when they share their thoughts and feelings.

Finding the perfect gift for those who have everything doesn’t have to be a tricky or daunting task this season. Tweak Agency hopes these three gifting ideas have brought you some joy and inspired your next great idea. 

Happy Gifting!