Tweak Social Media Participates in Exposure to Creativity

November 27, 2020
Door County Project 180 Members

Tweak Social Media & Marketing is passionate about digital marketing and sharing the inbound love.  And this past week, we were given a fabulous opportunity right in our own community to do just that. The Tweak team was asked to participate in an extraordinary event in Door County called Exposure to Creativity.  This one day event is sponsored by the well respected Hardy Gallery in Ephraim Wisconsin and provides the students at Gibraltar High School a day to experience the creative process in various art and content forms. Tweak's presentation was called "Creative Marketing." Tweak team member and Digital Marketing Consultant Claudia Scimeca, had the honor of working with eight amazing students and their teacher Mary Jo Witteborg, sharing with them the creative process involved in digital marketing.

Claudia chose to work with the students on an existing group in the five Door County high schools called Project 180 and show them how to create a website, a Facebook Page, create relevant content through writing, imagery, video and podcasting this great organization.  The results were amazing.  With the talented expertise of Ryan Miller, Art Director of the Peninsula Pulse, the students learned first, the importance of creating a brand identity in the form of a logo and tag line.  

Once the brand identity is established, they learned the process of working with a content management system (CMS) to create a website.  They created written content as well as imagery to include in their website.  Once the website met their specifications and conveyed the message of the Project 180 brand, we created a Facebook Page for Project 180 to learn about the power of cross promotion and the value of inbound marketing.  One of the highlights of the day was having the students create a podcast that was also video recorded and learning how to post the podcast onto their website and share it across well chosen social media platforms. Claudia was so impressed by the students enthusiasm and their ability to pick up on the information shared.  She shared with the students that they are on the exciting beginnings of the inbound marketing world and their experience with marketing is going to be so cutting edge and innovative and all about engagement and communication with the intended audience. If you'd like the Tweak Team to speak to your organization about the power of digital marketing and inbound marketing and what it can do for your brand or business, email us at and we'll be happy to help!