Website Trends of 2023

Nelet Kok
February 7, 2023

The year is 1999.
Computers are expected to all crash at the turn of midnight when 1999 turns to 2000. Teams create backup systems on external hard drives. And another, just in case.

If you missed the turn of the century in 1999 and the Y2K phenomena - fear not. Some of that is back, the good stuff anyhow... We usually look at DC web design, but in this blog, we'll unpack the three top trends for websites for 2023.

Up first is the use of Y2K elements. One of these elements is pixelation as a way to add visual interest to designs, logos and websites. Another part of the Y2K elements is the use of bright color menus to create a sense of nostalgia. As an added layer of 90's Y2K fonts and text-based designs are also on the cards to make a comeback. Interestingly, nostalgia in the design field runs in a cycle - some say a 30-year cycle, others a 40 or 50-year cycle.

Whatever the cycle may be, 23 years after the turn of the century - here we are: bringing the 90s to life, without the very distinct dial-up tone, and not only in DC web design.

Secondly, is the use of 3D illustrations: 2D illustrations have dominated design in the past couple of years, and the feeling this year is more. And, due to the move of 3D and the metaverse (a form of virtual reality) into the 'real' world, this step will certainly influence websites and their design. 3D illustrations also mean deeper dimensionality for illustrations.

For years, the website design motto has been "less is more" - however, this has undergone a 180-degree change to what is called "digital maximalism." It's characterized by the minimum white space and a display of intense and bold emotions in website design.

Another trend we're likely to see in websites this year is bold and overlapping fonts. This may even be used as the centerpiece of the design, to grab the viewer's attention. This trend ties in with the text-based designs mentioned earlier.

So there you have it, the three top trends of website designs for 2023!

#TweakTip: remember that following a trend to the T, may be harmful to your brand. Tweak Agency can help you establish your brand and a brilliant website that speaks to your audience specifically. 

Tweak Agency, a DC web design and marketing agency, is excited to be part of this new wave in website design and is looking forward to the trend year ahead! If you have any questions, feel free to pop in on our Facebook Live Stream every Tuesday at 11am (CST), Teatime with Tweak.