What Does Your Website Look Like on Mobile?

Nelet Kok
August 26, 2022

We, #TeamTweak, a DC web design and development company in the US, gets this question often: "What does my website look like on mobile?"

A mobile friendly and responsive website has become an important part of DC web design as well as website design in general. According to Statista, nearly 90% of people access the internet from their mobile devices. That accounts for a whopping 4.32 billion internet users worldwide! If your website doesn't look good on mobile devices then you may lose a lot of potential customers. 

This blog gives you a quick hack on how to check what your website looks like on all devices to turn scrollers into leads. 

Step 1: access your website via a desktop computer

Step 2: right click anywhere on the page > click on the Inspect button
            You should see the view in the second image, below.

Step 3: Click on this icon and select what view you’d like to see: mobile or desktop

Step 4: Select the device you want to view

Step 5: Scroll down to double check that your website is mobile-friendly and fits the dimensions of every device for optimal user experience. 

Step 6: Click the x button in the top right corner when you’re done to close the Inspect view. 

People no longer just visit your site on their desktop computers, they could be on their phones, tablets, laptops, or any other kind of mobile device. It is important to check that your website is viewable by as many people as possible. This blog post shows you, step by step, how to check your website to see what it looks like on various devices. 

If you’ve found a problem with your website, the easy solution is to contact Tweak Agency, a DC web design and development company in the US to sort it out! Losing sleep and being anxious over your website is so pre-pandemic! 😜 Or, feel free to pop in for our Facebook Livestream on Tuesdays at 11am (central time) with a question!