When Bad Decisions Can Be Better Than No Decision

November 27, 2020
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Does posting fresh content about your business ever make you so paranoid that you decide not to post at all for fear of the social media shame that might ensue? Consistency in posting fresh content makes ME paranoid, especially when the content we have to work with is not always very post-worthy.


Sometimes even a “bad” decision is better than NO decision. Haven’t you found that to be true in life? Standing there with your hands in your pocket afraid to make a move usually turns out to be a worse option than making the wrong decision. And do you know why?

Wrong decisions can often be turned into right decisions.

When you are hemming and hawing about what to do with your business with regard to social media, you are doing… nothing. Hemming and hawing does not count as a decision. Conversely, deciding to take on 10 (yikes) social media platforms all by yourself, all at once, may not be the wisest decision when you are just starting out but, at least it is a decision. But, here’s the good news. Tweak Social Media & Marketing is there for you when you suddenly realize you may have bit off more than you can chew. Tweak can turn that questionable decision right around for you so that you can bask in the glory of a fabulous decision!

Hope is not a strategy.

Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying,Planning and dreaming to make the right choiceIt won’t get you into success…..

AND they who hesitate often lose

Take a risk. Hold your nose and jump in with both feet. It’s not going to hurt …in fact, it’s going to make you stronger and braver. And while we don’t ever intentionally make bad decisions, when they do happen, we can learn how to turn lemons into lemonade. No decision gives you nothing. No lemons…no lemonade. Tweak Social Media & Marketing takes the “bad” out of the decision. We’ve got your back when it comes to making a decision about social media and digital marketing. If you’ve tried to do your business marketing and realized it is more of a commitment than you want to handle, Tweak is there for you. Our expertise in the digital marketing world, our dedication to our clients and our passion for what we do make your business life so much easier.

Let’s do this together

When you call the Tweak team, we listen. We hear what your concerns are, what your vision is and what your business needs. We work together to come up with a plan. And then we create and implement a customized plan for you so that you can sit back and watch our digital marketing expertise help your business to grow!What a GREAT decision! Call us at (920) 256-0712. And then….

Watch how your decision to work with Tweak empowers you!