Why hire Tweak Social Media & Marketing to do your internet marketing?

November 27, 2020
When Holly Wagner came to work for us at the end of last year (as a friend and a former client), I imagined she would relieve some of the pressure of my growing business as business manager, that she'd be a more active sales presence for us and I knew she'd be a good fit for the Tweak Team because she is hard working, ethical and responsible. Today I can report she has not disappointed me and to my absolute delight, the girl can blog. Here's here first. Go Holly GO!Martha Beller, Owner/Marketing Queen

As a former business owner, I had many concerns and apprehensions about hiring an outside company to do my social media and marketing. My initial questions, that I didn’t want to say out loud, were how in the world can someone, who has no investment, do a good job for my business? How can I afford this service, if I do decide to move ahead with it? And how can they know my business’s needs, wants and customer demographics?Well ... after meeting with Martha and her staff, I did have a better feeling of how they could help me but could they really? I took her proposal, which incorporated many things I hadn’t thought of myself for my own business and started to break it down so that I could fully understand the approach that was going to be taken on my behalf.First, I looked at the price. Right? As a business owner, the bottom line was always the ‘go to’ for me. I priced it out and compared the price to an employee’s time or my time. Genius! This was not only going to be comparable it was going to save money. Now me and my staff can do what we do best, which was not marketing or social media posting. It not only made me feel better that I could truly focus on my business, the needs of my staff and most importantly the needs of my guests. What a weight off my shoulders.Second, how and the heck was this cute little company, Tweak, going to get all the information they were going to need to help me market my business? I really thought that the time it would take for Tweak to learn the ins and outs, ups and downs, rights and wrongs, would be so large that Tweak was going to lose money for sure. Not the case. Martha assured me that we could do this together. We, her team and me, were a team. I would gather the necessary information that we decided would be ‘post worthy’ and informational for social media. She would then ask the questions and gather enough information that she made it look and sound so perfect….like she was the owner! It became such a pleasure when she would stop in to meet. We got to business right away, she would get just enough information for that week or 2 weeks sometimes and then we could have coffee and visit for a few minutes. It was a joy to see her come in because I knew she was helping to make my life and my business better.Third, and certainly not last but, the engagement that she brought to the social media aspect of my business had trained my guests to go to my page to look for their questions before they called or checked in. They were informed, educated and knew what to expect before we got to see them. Wow, what a load off for all involved!What I came to realize even after I hired Tweak for my social media was all the other services that they provide. They redesigned my web page and made it mobile friendly, prettier, more professional, more educational and certainly easier to navigate. They were efficient and communicative with me so that I knew exactly where they were in the process.Then we tried Tweak for traditional marketing and had a brochure done. The graphic design that Tweak used had made our property shine, and again, made the guest fully aware of what they could expect before they even got to the property. The photography and videography for the social posting also helped my business because they could see things with a different view and point things out they thought we should highlight that I just didn’t see or didn’t have time to see.Working with Tweak in a small community helped me get to know the team by working with them but also, by seeing them in and around town. I didn’t just hire a company. I gained friends.When I left the working world as a business owner, I met with my friend Martha for coffee and she offered me a job. I was hesitant, as I used to tell her I wasn’t sure I would like marketing for other businesses. So, I started helping her with some office work at first and because I totally believed in her products and services, it was very easy for me to move into the current position of Business Development Manager. I am able to visit with current and potential clients and help them to see how Tweak can help free up more of their time to do what they do best while the Tweak Team does what we do best. I enjoy helping other business owners succeed with social media and marketing goals by working with them side by side. Marketing to me is finding the fun and exciting parts of any business and sharing them with potential customers through the proper social media channels and through genuine marketing.